The Manumit Resolution

The 40th Anniversary Edition of the novel that started it all.

“When a beautiful nuclear scientist is murdered, her apolitical boyfriend is framed for the crime.  Hunted by the police and the murderers, he risks his life to uncover the truth: that she had created a process that would make nuclear weapons obsolete, and that the global weapons industry wants to bury the secret along with him.”

In 1984 CAA founding agent Marty Baum sold the screen rights to my first novel, The Manumit Resolution, to Lance Hool of Silver Lion Films.  The novel and my screenplay became the basis of the 1995 box office hit Chain Reaction starring Keanu Reeves and Morgan Freeman.

Soluna Entertainment is publishing the 40th Anniversary Edition in print, ebook, and audio book narrated by the author.

Author, Audio Narrator